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 Starters - Whipped Feta and Hummus -     with artisanal bread. (V) (GF on Request) - Prawn Cocktail- with a classic cocktail sauce (GF on Request)  -Strawberry Salad-  with mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette. (VG) Palate Cleanser rose champagne Sorbet (VG)(gf) Mains - French Trim Rack of Lamb- with sweet potato mash and baby root veggies in red wine sauce. (gf) - Chicken Piccata- Tender chicken piccata with roasted veggies and carrot puree.(gf)   -Pesto Risotto- Vegan Pesto Risotto with cherry tomatoes and basil (VG).   Dessert - Chocolate Covered Strawberries (gf) - Chocolate Lava Cake - Vegan Cheesecake .(VG) valentines menu , valentines offer

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